REVELATION: WHISTLEBLOWER Reveals CNN Is Paid To Give Favorable Coverage To Tyrants

Amber Lyon, a previous CNN journalist, says tyrant administrations including Bahrain pay the news network  to provide favorable coverage and censor its content.

Reporter Amber Lyon Turned Whistleblower


Previous CNN journalist turned Whistleblower, Amber Lyon, uncovered how the system is acquiring cash from onerous administrations in return for making and airing content that throws a great light on the administrations. She likewise uncovered CNN International declined to air CNN’s own particular honor winning narrative, ‘iRevolution’, a narrative uncovering the Bahrain administration’s ruthless crackdown on race majority rules system dissenters.

Rather than watch-dogging governments around the globe, CNN is winning cash from them, delivering what should be called ‘Infomercials for Dictators’, supported shows and substance that cast a positive light on a portion of the world’s most severe administrations.

The news association is cheating clueless watchers and its own particular columnists who regularly chance their lives to uncover those same harsh administrations.


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