The One Hot New Way to Read your Favorite Magazines For Free

Free magazines and magazine subscriptions are one of my favorite types of freebies because it’s like getting a little present in the mail month after month. I can proudly say that I haven’t paid for a magazine subscription in more than ten years. I get more than a dozen free subscriptions every month.

Some of the free magazines I’m getting right now are O Magazine, Family Circle, Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies’ Home Journal, Woman’s Day, Saveur, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Rolling Stone, Cosmo, US Weekly, Working Mother, Marie Claire, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Below you’ll find a list of free magazines you can request right now, other ways to get free magazine subscriptions, and some tips on requesting them.

Current List of Free Magazines Available

Here’s an up to date list of the free magazine subscriptions that are available right now. You’ll see a lot of free one-year subscriptions as well as some two-year subscriptions.

Parents Magazine

U.S. Weekly

Tennis Magazine

Weight Watchers Magazine

Field & Stream Magazine

Outdoor Life Magazine

Family Circle Magazine

Sports Illustrated

Bridal Guide

New York Magazine

Wine Spectator Magazine

Essence Magazine

Lighting (One Free Magazine)

I also have individual lists for free wedding magazines and free baby magazines if you’re particularly interested in those.

What You Need to Know About Requesting Free Magazines

All the free magazines and subscriptions I’ve listed below are indeed free. There are no strings attached, and you’ll never receive a bill.

They will not automatically renew.

When you sign-up for these free magazines, you’ll have to jump through some hoops. These companies make money getting people to sign up for the offers you see during the sign-up process.

This option will always be available, it may just be small and at the very bottom of the form.

It does take a few minutes to say no to all these offers, so keep going through the pages until you get confirmation of your free magazine subscriptions.

Never, ever give your credit card number when you signing up for a free magazine subscription. If you do, I guarantee it will no longer be free.

Other Places to Check for Free Magazines

Every freebie I find is first posted on my main free sample page. Check there for new free magazines as they first become available as well as a ton of other free samples you can get in the mail.

You can also go directly to the companies that give out free magazines to check and see if they have anything new or something very specific to your likes. Here is the most popular one:



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